High tide and strong wind

I had a day off, yet still a massive to-do list.  The morning was slow, with burnt toast and lounging about in my red dressing gown as I sipped the third cup of coffee and between loading the laundry and other mundane household jobs. Which at least can be crossed from the to-do list.   

Sunshine streaming though the window, it was time to shake a leg, get on with it and pull my cycling gear on, and get out for a quick spin not going very far, but beating two personal speed bests. 
First on the fire-station hill, which is a steep short climb, and Iā€™m particularly proud to have got up it in 30 seconds, even if I was aiming for under half minute.  Doris my bike did a quick lap around the Cliftonville library, more honestly, I had forgotten that the library is closed on a Wednesday, as I road up to the toast-rack bike park, I wondered why the lights were off and then annoyed with myself just kept going past the doors and into the park, before turning right back to the road towards Palm Bay.  Originally my plans were to pick up a book, and get some exercise along the coast to a sunny sheltered spot with a delightful cafe, where I would enjoy the book in the fresh air, before perhaps climbing onto the rocks to find some oysters which I thought I might wrap in bacon for dinner.
The gusty wind in my face, and the tide to high to get onto the rocks and no book in my back.  I decided to change my plans just head home.   Well a day off is a day off and sometimes we need to just sit back and do nothing and think about ā€˜the big ideaā€™ even if you haven’t picked up the book.

Super Bright

This morning, I’m feeling very clever.  Doris, my bike has been stripped to the frame, cleaned polished and put back together with new skinny tyres. She is looking so clean and bright.  Parked inside my flat, on her own rug under the window, now it is almost a shame to take her out on a dirty road!

Doris has new tyre

Preserving Energy

I have been taking it a bit easy on the bike this week, in preparation for the big charity ride on Sunday. Apart from a two hour ride to Sandwich and back, I’ve only used Doris my bike for pottering about town, she’s has had a full service, new pads and wires and is riding like a dream, since then the furthest I have gone is just up the footpath, to pick blackberries!

I’m preserve energy in the form of physical rest and a bit of jam making! 
Accommodation for the weekend is sorted, train times and diet planned with military precision, of a first class athlete. 
My kit, Unstoppable Jersey and padded shorts are packed and ready to go.  Fingers crossed the rain will have stopped and I won’t need the waterproofs..
Just hoping I will make it around the course on Sunday’s bikeathon.

Official Photography

I think official photography at a sportive is a bit of a rip off, but as London to Brighton was my first major ride, I sort of had to buy the official photos.

So here they are, the just over the brow of Ditching Beacon, which was a major climb, but I don’t look as if I was struggling too badly, I suspect that was because a few moments before I had just stopped for coffee and was feeling refreshed.

finish line


Pick fresh Oysters from the rock pools at the tide line.

Fresh Oyster with a winkle hitching a ride.

All you need is

  • old screwdriver
  • small bottle of olive oil
  • and a lemon and an onion.
  • pen knife.

Use the screwdriver for getting fresh Oysters off the rocks and later for shucking them too.
The oil goes in the dressing and gets rubbed in the skin to stop it drying out.
Pick some Pulsane from behind the beach huts.
Pulsane, behind beach hut
  • Give the pulsate a wash – salt water will do.
  • Chop some onion and a squeeze the lemon, and a dash of oil

Just, feast on the Beach, Oysters for breakfast. after camping out. Now thats the life.
Only mad dogs and Englishman would sit in the mid day sun, so now I’m off to work.