Ride through the garden of England.

A wonderful morning out cycling with new friends.  A few hills and the Beautiful Garden of Kent with orchards of pear and apple, ready for harvesting we rode out to Ash where we stopped for lunch.  The ride also took in some of the best of Thanet’s  beaches and sunshine.

No matter where I cycle all road’s seem to lead to Sandwich – not really somewhere I know,  just somewhere and somehow, I always seem to end up, we stopped at Pegwell Bay before the climb up from the Viking Ship and a few hills around the coast from Ramsgate and Broadstairs to clock up a few kilometres, before heading home.

It was great riding out with new friends, to have a bit of motivation, a push to go further, and a bit of competition on a few of the Strava segments.  Shelly who is lives around the corner,  is a bit of a geek, a fellow Strava user too, which helps to improve speeds along a few of the Strava segments.   Today we both picked up a few digital trophies.

I’m rather proud Tivoli Sprint section, only because I’m at the top of the leader-board, well until I get beaten  (Scroll down to the women’s leader-board and take a look!) My friends had better watch out, because I plan to beat you on some of the hills too!

58K ride, and a Sandwich shop

The truth is I got a bit lost, and stumbled on the National Cycle Route 1, somewhere around Groveferry after crossing the A28 so headed on to Sandwich, which turned out to be a very pleasant ride on quiet roads in beautiful countryside.

A Personal Best and a suntan stripe where my jersey and shorts end! A great little cake shop in Sandwich and not too far off my beaten track to worry about getting home, and a little reassuring, soon as I was in sight of the Pfizer site, and no longer lost.

So I’ve been reading up on Route 1, Dover to London,   of course I was heading in the other direction between Canterbury and Dover.  Now I learn this beautiful ride is just part of the EuroVelo 5,  now that gets me thinking!

What next!  A bit of planning needed, me thinks..  Milan, is that a bit ambitious?

Bumps on Bikes

Most cyclists suffer from friction pain at some point, saddle sores are common and I’ve been lucky avoid them.  I put that down to the excellent Body Geometry Riva woman’s saddle, at the correct angulation and nearly always wearing padded cycling shorts, training regularly and developing a resistance.

For the last few days with the egg like swelling and bruise on my backside, my bike saddle is more comfortable than an armchair as I have found it hard to sit down.

Cuts, grazes, and bruises generally occur as a result of falls to the ground, this injury seems excessive for the short fall from bike to the road, that didn’t even break the skin. I was holding my line and cycling at a comfortable steady pace, abut 20kph, when I was wheeled by another cyclist from behind and taken out.  I knew I had taken a bump, but didn’t think that much of it, checked the bike over, and got on and carried on, another twenty or so miles!

The next day, after sleeping I woke up with a spectacular bruise and the egg like bump, for a whole week I’ve taken it a bit easy, which is not good as I need to get back in training for the London Bikeathon in September, the deep purple is starting to turn green and this is the bump going down!

week old bruise

The fitter you are, the quicker you heal, so it’s time  get back on the horse.

Energy and Hydration and not so many jelly babies..

If tomorrow is anything like today, Its gonna be hot. I’m ready with energy and hydration, water bottles are full but expect they will need topping up a few times.

Strong coffee to kick start the day, and the fruit juice and electrolytes, nutrition to keep me going –  It’s important to get this right, don’t want to feel sick on jelly babies, as I did on the way to Brighton. 
You may think me nuts, I’ll be full of them too.
I’m still planning on going around 12.5 times!   Really looking forward to #PruRL2013.   100 miles I’m as ready as I can be.