Two punctures repaired, one by the side of the road.  Chunk of glass in tyre missed on fixing the first,  and then, a second.  Luckily I was not far from Mum’s so I walked the bike to her garden, had a coffee, and got a lift home to pick up the car and a second spare tube. Refitting the back wheel, in Mums garden, certainly more plesent than the side of the road. Mum cooked us both lunch which was yummy too.  Ops, over inflated the tube till it went bang, just like a burst balloon, certainly it made us all jump.

Took the frame and the wheel in the car, to St Peters Cycle shop to pick up a spare tube, they fitted and inflated it too.  At home I managed to refit the wheel a second time, although got  completely filthy doing so.  At least Doris has two inflated and fitted wheels and is running well, she has even had a clean, and some oil, I had a hot shower before spending the evening, watching T.V. while glueing and patching the first tube.

I have learnt a bit about fixing punctures at the side of the road!   Might be an idea to put some rubber gloves into the saddle bag, not that I’ve got a thing about rubber!  Nor that you want to glue glove to your inner tubes, check the tyre for damage and sharp things, and not to over-inflate the tube.    Can you cut up and old tube to make patches?  Surly one spare tube should be enough.


1 thought on “Puncture’s

  1. Glad you got it sorted Lisa. Was nice to meet you the other day, looking forward to a longer bike ride soon.

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