Bumps on Bikes

Most cyclists suffer from friction pain at some point, saddle sores are common and I’ve been lucky avoid them.  I put that down to the excellent Body Geometry Riva woman’s saddle, at the correct angulation and nearly always wearing padded cycling shorts, training regularly and developing a resistance.

For the last few days with the egg like swelling and bruise on my backside, my bike saddle is more comfortable than an armchair as I have found it hard to sit down.

Cuts, grazes, and bruises generally occur as a result of falls to the ground, this injury seems excessive for the short fall from bike to the road, that didn’t even break the skin. I was holding my line and cycling at a comfortable steady pace, abut 20kph, when I was wheeled by another cyclist from behind and taken out.  I knew I had taken a bump, but didn’t think that much of it, checked the bike over, and got on and carried on, another twenty or so miles!

The next day, after sleeping I woke up with a spectacular bruise and the egg like bump, for a whole week I’ve taken it a bit easy, which is not good as I need to get back in training for the London Bikeathon in September, the deep purple is starting to turn green and this is the bump going down!

week old bruise

The fitter you are, the quicker you heal, so it’s time  get back on the horse.


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