Weekend of cycling

Friday kicked off with and early ride on London’s cycle super-highway (CS3) out to ExCel, to visit the Prudential Ride London Expo.  Waiting early in the morning with a coffee for the exhibition hall to open, wow, so many suntanned, brown armed men, with strong legs, and in Britain!  If any woman needs an excuse to start cycling, the eye candy is certainly something to consider.  As good as any ski- instructor, a few were even in lycra!

Saturday, I set of early to join the traffic free roads of central London, with the plan to cycle the route 12.5 times.  Unfortunately I had underestimated the numbers of people, this was a family day with loads of little kids and the average pace was very slow.   Time restrictions, and crowds made this unrealistic, still it was great to see so many out on their bikes and enjoying the fun and carnival atmosphere.   A lot of kids will be sleeping well on Saturday night, and many will be watching the big event on Sunday with extreem enthusiasm for the sport, having cycled some of the route and on The Mall  without traffic themselves.

Having picked up unofficial souvenir, a bit of road rash, due to a pile up,  we were all able to get up and carry on for another twenty miles or so, before calling it a day. Lunchtime, it was getting very busy, time for an ice-cream and look around the festival zone, soaking up the sun and the fun, before watching  the ladies, pro race on the big screen lying on the grass in Green Park

I wish all those who were in the wipeouts, a speedy recovery.  One thing is for sure, the fitter you are, the quicker you recover and a few bumps and scrapes is not a reason to give up on the benefits of Cycling, we just have to make the roads safer for everyone.

Thanks Boris, it was a fun day out.


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