London Free Cycle 12.5

I didn’t get one of the 25000 places in the Ride London 100, so what!   I can comfortably ride 70 miles, have lost a couple of dress sizes and my blood pressure is at a perfect 120/80, which it wasn’t before.

Instead I’ll be joining the expect 50,000 cyclists on the eight mile round London Free Cycle, on the 3rd of August.   Look out for me, Ride number 53437, I’ll go around twelve and a half times, just to prove a point,  I’ve trained for the 100 miles not 8!

Winning  a place in the Prudential Ride London Ballot, all the same it would have been a fitting tribute to Doris my bike,  she was purchased following the games.  My whole fitness program is a personal legacy of the London 2012, Olympic and Paralympic Games that Seb Coe, and Laura Trott could be proud of, after all its not just about the elite, but about sport in society, everyone enjoying getting involved.

Thinking back to that first ride, under ten kilometres along path to The Minnis Cafe, (local beach cafe) I glowed at the achievement and enjoyed the thrill of the wind in my hair and sun on my face. Blimey that was last September, I’ve been out, three times a week, every week hitting the road,  turning the pedals, except when it snowed., and I went to the gym, oh and the week when I twisted my knee, so I rested.
It’s been fun finding cycle paths and quiet roads that I didn’t know existed, seeing things on my door step that I must have over looked thousands of times from the car.

My speed and distances have improved week on week,  tracking my progress with an iPhone app, has motivated me to go a bit further, and a bit faster.  The Viking Coastal Trail, was natural progress, as its a circular route from right outside my door, and at about the half way point it goes right past my Mum’s too.  Then came the Crab and Winkle Way, to Whitstable and the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton, Charity ride was a 64 mile achievement to smile about, even if I did walk up the Ditching Beacon!

100 miles, yep of course I can do it.

I’ll be raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research 


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