Brains is a fictional character in the 1960-’s British Television series Thunderbirds.  Brains is a highly intelligent engineer who designed the Thunderbirds machines. He also constructs a chess-playing robot 

I was first introduced to Brains on the TV. as a child.  As mature student with the Open University, in the 90’s, studying Technology, I needed an online identity, for my work, Brains, my inspiration.  

This  60’s character would have been perceived as totally fictional, in his time, yet I felt totally relevant in technical academia of mine.   He even had what would now be know as a smart phone!  Not wanting to let on I was a girl, the Brains handle was used between online computer games, mostly chess, tinkering at computer programming and a bit of robotics, I was doing some serious study, and just as clever as they guys. Well thats what told myself ;-0 

Do you see the resemblance, in this personal adaptation which  has been tweeked and updated a bit over the years.  It has become my ubiquitous avatar across the online world.  Originally sporting a black and blue spotty bow tie in my hair!  But that’s gone, along with the 80’s shoulder pads.  

Year’s later I realised the importance or personal branding, & even using an Avatar with my own name and real identity:-)  Yes I wore spectacles that were blue, and do so at time in reality.

Fiction says Brains was born in 2040 and orphaned when a hurricane struck his family home, in the United States, he was adopted by a professor at the University of Cambridge, who discovered Brains during a lecture in Paris.   

I always saw Tech as the future, and agreed with the fictional professor that distance as no object to learning,  it broadens your horizons, widens the mind, we can learn from each other, wherever we are.

The puppet was voiced by David Graham in the TV series and the first two films, while Antony Edwards plays the role for the live-action film,  in my view, a clasic.


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