Up-cycled, today I’m not on two wheels

I’ve been looking for the perfect work bench.  Having re-organised the furniture and made some space, I needed something that had to be the right hight to work at,  and would add a bit of character a modern flat.

For weeks I’ve been looking around, even IKEA left me without much inspiration and then I stumbled on this Chunky Wood and Industrial Work Bench combination, in the junk shop, just up the road.  I’m ashamed I didn’t make it myself, but it has given me some ideas.  Best of all no flat pack to put together, and  the helpful guys at the junk deluxe,  delivered right to the space where it it will be a valued part or my home within an hour of me spotting it.
All it needs is a bit of dressing and job done.  I’m delighted at last I’ve found what I was looking for. 
Better get down to to B&Q and grab some cable ties!

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