Garlic And Pie

Injuries healed, it’s time to step up the training for London to Brighton

I got some speed up along the flat costal path and smiled as I passed The Minnis cafe, It was my first mile stone and a big achievement just a few months ago, now I’m comfortable traveling many times that distance before I even think about a stop for a coffee!

Onto Recolver and the road towards Hern Village, It wasn’t the most direct route, ok i was lost in Hern. Who cares I was enjoying the ride. I hit a familiar road, and started to climb uphill towards Calcot. Traffic heaven, so I turned right, only to find I was spinning down hill through flower filled woodlands, carpeted with Blue bells and white flowers that i think is wild garlic?

What goes down, has to go up, the climb was not so steep, I ambled along through beautiful quiet road. Tyler Hill was a bit of a killer, but once I reached Canterbury university, it was all down hill to the city walls. I need to check if there is a cycle path around there, as the road stated to get busy.

Dorris my trusted bike, was dropped off for a service and left me feeling like a prat, as I waked around Canterbury in padded cycling shorts, killing time. I hid out a tiny little walled park near the Cornwall Pasty shop, stretched out in the sun and spelt freshly cut grass as I scoffed about six hundred calories and downed a coffee to the sound of birdsong.

The last couple of days, I’ve given some serious thought to this project, Plans of getting to the Start and home again, all need consideration and that occupied my mind. Shameless self promotion needed and ideas on how to promote what I’m doing, and the cause I’m fundraising for started to fill my mind.

Social Media policies where I work, restrict what I can say, so take a peek at their web site, The Avenues Trust do good work, and like all charities they need the money, So please did deep and donate what you can. The poster says three quid, now that’s less than the pie 🙂


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