New Personal Best

Today was a decent ride, breaking a personal distance record completing 65k. Starting out on the Viking Coastal Route, through Broadstairs and Ramsgate, In the spring sunshine, Pegwell bay look glorious. The Pfizer sight rather empty and sad, and tranquil Sandwich.

Heading along the coast to Deal, I change my route and turn inland, to find some hills. A bit mad, but I need to be able to tackle hills as there are a few on the London to Brighton ride, which is just six weeks away.

I was fine through the village of Eastry, and then got a bit lost.

Lambs in the Kentish country side were so cute, in full momentum and gaining speed on a down hill stretch, I put aside any idea of stopping to take a photo, my mind by now was thinking of food at Wingham Garden Center. Disappointed to realise food would mean a re-route, as I ended up in Wingham Main Street, on the wrong side of town.

Tired and hungry, I pushed on but had walk up Preston Hill, having broken the momentum, stopping to look at the map, it was hard to get going again. Here my legs were screaming at me to take the shortest route home, and it was another twelve miles.

Grove Ferry pub looked very inviting, I struggled uphill from the level crossing to the Canterbury Road and A28. I could have taken a straight road home, but wanted to get out of the traffic, so opted for the Sturry road, and cross country, around Thanet Earth and through the village of Acol.

The advantage of living on the coast, it was all downhill home, from the A28 😉


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