Preparing for London to Brighton, #L2B

The satisfaction of finishing your first long cycle ride never fails to give a smug glow, my distances are improving as I stick to the training programme, but there is still a very long way to go.

Training for cycling 54 miles London to Brighton, has mostly been inside because of the freezing conditions. A mix of long steady rides on the stationary bike at the gym, interval training sessions where I’m watching the RPM on the electronic clocks, sweaty spin classes, that I’m starting to enjoy.

I’m told, on a long rides  ‘your pace should be steady and you should be able to maintain a conversation at all times. On hills use your gears to keep you in the saddle and spin.’ Makes me laugh because I arrive at work breathless, following a two mile sprint across town.

The gym gives an all round feel of fitter, developing  the strength to tackle those hills, I’m still not sure about the mile long climb at Ditchling, I’ll be ready for London to Brighton in June, if I walk up that hill so be it, but if I take it steady and slow, just maybe the strength training will pay off.

Please sponsor me on my first cycle sportive and raise money for, The Avenues Group, a small charity that helps others get out and enjoy life too.


1 thought on “Preparing for London to Brighton, #L2B

  1. Loving the comments, from cycling community ;-). Via Twitter@lisaemms Keep it up :-).I had to stop on Dithcling Beacon last time but not to get off and push. People throw water to keep you cool.— Laidbackcyclist (@Laidbackcyclist) February 24, 2013Well if anyone wants to donate a fiver for Charity, they can chuck a bucket of water over me!

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