Training Setbacks

A soft tissue knee injury, busy Easter with necessary paid extra work, family visits. DOCTOR’S advice to REST.

Gym sessions have been more chair aerobics than endurance challenge, the weather is a poor excuse, but with a hundred other things to do, is not helping.

Tomorrow’s plan was to cycle to Medway, first real commuting, and I’m going to bed with a couple of paracetamol, half a packet of throat lozenges, and a fresh box of expensive Balsam scented tissues. Hopefully sleep better than last night.
Medicinal hot toddy, and steamy shower before bed, may help

Red nose, should be reserved for charity events. Ideas to save he world are on hold, and I’ll be contributing to carbon emissions and take the car on the M2.

You can help, sponsor me and help me get motivation mojo.


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