Eating well, on a budget

Austerity measures are not only for the UK Gov.  I can save money and stick to a tight budget, this week with some annual leave, little cash, and plenty of time to spend in the kitchen..  I’ve set myself some challenges.  Boot camp of Physical fitness, activity both morning and afternoon, and eating well on under fifteen pounds for the week.

A while since the student cook books came out, I like my food, and food has to be good even if it is cooking on the on a budget.  

Mushroom Risotto delicious and you don’t need to be a skint student to enjoy it. Who needs Ossobuco, I can dream of being in Milan.

Cost next to nothing, as everything came from the store cupboard, except the handful of mushrooms. Recipe calls for a glass of white wine: and there is a bottle of Lidol’s finest plonk lurking at the back of the cupboard, but what to do with the rest of the bottle?

I’m saving for tickets to Theatro alla Scalla, someone else can buy the dinner 


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