New Year Resolutions, a month on

Did you Make a Plan – on how to get to your goal, goal was to get a bit fitter, my plan was to give up Pringles and Jaffa Cake

Update your workout, walking is now cycling

Measurable: If you’re tracking pounds, get a scale. If you want to complete a marathon, run with a pedometer or GPS tracker.  I use Runkeeper.

Attainable: Make sure your goal makes sense. Losing ten pounds is doable for most people. Getting back to your teenage weight, is probably not, nor healthy.

Realistic: Even if your goal is possible, before committing be sure that you’re willing to make the necessary changes to get the results you want.

Timely: Set a timeline for your goal that helps it fit into the “realistic” category (for example, you might want to aim to lose10 pounds in three months, not weeks).

Hitting mini goals keeps you interested. Signup for a local race – this gives you targets,
I gave myself target places to get to

Walk to Westgate
Cycle for Coffee at Minnis Bay 7K and then
To see the Christmas tree in Hernbay 19K
sandwich in Sandwich   (That’s 57k Round trip, I’m proud of achieving that within three months)
Cornish Pasty, in Canterbury, after pottering along the back roads, downhill on the way home!

Habits can be formed mentally rather than just physically.  My target is to get out on my bike three times a week, I haven’t managed that yet.  I’ll just blame snow and rain, for now.. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

An idea that occurs to you on December 31st—like finishing a 100-mile bike ride, may be hard to plunge into whole-heartedly on January 1. The Ride London 100 is not until August, I have the small 54 mile ride, London to Brighton in June.

Resolutions can be made at any time of year, not just 1st of January, I started in October with the purchase of ‘Doris’ my trusted bike, I’m not ready yet to give up the car just yet.


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