Why I’m cycling #L2B this summer

At the London 2012 Paralympic Games. I made many new friends, each with their own motivation to get involved, mostly sporty nuts ;-).   I was there, for other reasons.  

Back in 2004, stuck in a flight delay at Athens airport, I met the Canadian Paralympic Team, they were not moaning about the delay, but instead used the time to play piggy-in-the-middle, throwing a ball over the bored passengers, who were standing about in the departure lounge.   Business Men in suits looking bewildered, sunburnt tourists just joining in, I had the stark realisation that life is about having fun.

2005, Still commuting to Greece, London had won the bid for the 2012 Olympic, the very next day, sat a small island, village coffee shop, I watched in horror as news came across the TV, of the London Bombing,  talk was, ‘Would people still go to the Games?’

Very boldly and loudly in my best Greek,  I interrupted the male chatter,

London will not be defeated by terrorists – I will go

Inspirational by LisaEmms

Inspirational, a photo by LisaEmms on Flickr

I applied to volunteer at the London 2012  Paralympics Games, and met many inspirational people but none like Dimitri, Greek wheel-chair rugby player.  We exchanged our stories, we laughed, we joked and had fun.   At the closing ceremony I don’t know which was better, seeing Coldplay or seeing him dancing and spinning on two wheel. A successful games, and one in the eye to terrorism.

Dimitri can spin on two wheels, then so can I…   I’m getting fit to cycling London to Brighton to raise money for The Avenues Group, who support and enable others to enjoy life. 

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