Will I be getting the iPhone5?

My friends keep asking, wii one ordering the iPhone 5.

Probably not just now, it’s a lot of hard cash and I have other luxuries on my want list.

I will however be firing up the laptop, to upload the IOS6 software to my existing gadgets, just as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the new features I’m looking forward to in IOS6

Group messages (So long as my mates use it responsibly, otherwise it could be a real headache)
Share calendar that I create, this will save the long winded work around I’m currently using
New iPad Clock app, simply missing!
No more pop-up in Safari when there’s no internet access available (a real plus, cause I’m often with no signal)
Search all fields in Contacts, so simple and so useful.
Music ringtones, alarms – (Please, Please are we going to get a silent ring for those annoying people?)

With caution:
Government alerts (AMBER and Emergency) in Notifications, Useful but feels like Orwells 1984

Passbook, to be honest I was hoping for NFC, with full banking integration, maybe Apple know more about the security risks involved than I do? Or simply not working in collaboration with big banks?

New features that impress me, but I possibly wouldn’t use

Made for iPhone hearing aids – great for the hard of hearing


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