Bloated Belly, and Skinny Savings

Bloated Belly, and trudging back to work with bank account stretched from shopping, and exhausted from family fun, totally over 2011 with just a few days to prepare for 2012.

Time for reflection and evaluation!

Last year I gave up Pringles, and saved 10% of my salary each month, not from the cost of the Pringles, but better budgeting! I’m proud to inform you, I haven’t indulged in a single box of Pringles, and each month I managed, by taking on extra work, putting the extra dosh, as well as 10% of my salary aside each month, I managed a cool 80% more than my target savings.

Christmas this year, did not put me into the red, well that’s what savings are for 😉 and I start the 2012 with a budget much healthier than last.

What will your New Year resolutions be?


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