What the New York Times, comes up with about me!

I took the New York Times, personality test : They tell me I’m business savvy 🙂

With your strong eye for detail and love of all things intricate, you see the beauty in good craftsmanship and value anything in life that has taken dedication and perseverance. Your holistic way of thinking and ability to see the bigger picture lends itself well to the world of business and it’s here that you tend to excel. When all is said and done, you are a bit of an intellect with a tendency to do a spot of soul searching from time to time.

You’re not one to let a challenge pass you by and your thirst to close the next big deal is what makes you tick. You’re straightforward, self-disciplined, thoughtful and hard working. Once established in a post, you are very difficult to unseat. You’re not just an idea-oriented individual, but also an achiever. Rarely do you get ahead through advantage or nepotism, as you are more likely to come out of nowhere with unusual talents and take the field by storm. When called upon in a time of crisis, you often come up with highly creative and practical solutions, winning the appreciation of your superiors. Above all, you’re very realistic about the positions you hold and shrewd enough to guarantee survival in the job market.


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