Social Media Rookie, Common #Fails

So you have your website has all this great content, but can people easily share it? Place easy-to-see and -use share and follow buttons on all your content in order to increase its reach.

Email marketing and social media are great friends, not enemies. They work together well, help each other out to promote content, and share one another’s information on a regular and consistent basis.
When people visit your pages on social sites, they probably want to learn more about you or your brand and its offerings, help them by serving up Targeted Landing Pages, from your E-mail, Tweets or Facebook messages. If you got here, then you just followed one!
Some people will not follow eggs: that is someone without a profile picture. Others will not follow branded or logo tweets, preferring to know the person behind the brand. The solution is to help each other out, the personal and the branded, each re-tweeting the others information, each should be done by different personality whom are simply working as a team, individual personality will show through in the messages. Team work is the way to achieve the best from social media, as every connection you have, may well pass your messages to every connection they have, and every connection they have, may pass your message further still. The community increases and your reach of your message spreads, this is the whole ethos of the internet: sharing of information.
Your community should be a platform where your users feel comfortable sharing, connecting, and receiving help or offering it.
I am always H2H: happy2help where I can, and hope you get more from your social media after reading this.


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