Basic Errors of the QR

QR-codes by themselves are fundamentally neither good nor bad, they’re just a means to an end: an offline-to-online delivery. It’s what’s beyond the code that usually determines whether the experience will delight or disappoint.

Serving up a non-mobile optimised web site, at the end of the code, is a very basic fail, and will only cause disappointment, for everyone, this is especially true, for those who use technology to overcome disabilities.

You should decide if you are using your QR code as a marketing tool, or an accessibility tool. Do it right and it can be both!

Of course there are simple errors to learn from, stick with QR codes, and you will behead of the game, for they will become a very big thing. Like the other technological trends, CD’s DVD’s even mobile phones, which all took a while to catch on in the UK.

The status: “only in Japan” will not be true for long.


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