How to read the QR-code

What is this?

Just in case you have never seen a QR-Code before, the image here is an example. It works just like a barcode. If you scan it via your mobile phone, you will end up at our website. QR-Codes (Quick Response Codes) can be used to get people to anywhere online. If it has a url, it can be embedded into a QR-Code. Simple as that, though that’s not the only thing you can do with them, but let’s start with the basics.

So how do I read a QR-code?

READY? From your mobile phone browser application any of the following websites:

I-nigma –

Kaywa –

SET? When detecting your phone, the application will ask permission to download the reader. Accept, download and install.

GO!. You are now ready to read QR-Codes or bar codes from your phone.

The answer is that you point and click your phone and you are there. There is no cumbersome typing. So it’s a very easy way of getting people from something in print to a website.

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