This little piggy

This little piggy stayed at home and grew big and fat!

I didn’t think my job would entail the care of pigs! Always up for a new challenge, I’ve got a lot to learn.

A female pig is called a gilt from birth through when she has a litter of piglets, then she is called a sow. So you could have a gilt that is one day old or a gilt that is two years old.

Here’s something to remember that might put some of these pig terms into a ‘pigspective’ for you.

Out there in the swine world, A boar hog who escaped the castration scene and failed to become a barrow, went on to breed a young gilt who turned into a sow when she farrowed some happy little pigs who eventually grew up and went off to market to become pork belly commodities on the Mercantile Exchange, and bacon on your plate. What a ham! That’s sure a lot of name changes from its 3 letter origin!

Via Flickr:Photo by LisaEmms


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