Eating Well

It’s been an expensive month, I had to renew the road tax. That seems expensive, and worse it follows last months insurance bills.
Austerity measures are not only for the UK Gov, I can save money and stick to a tight budget, but it’s been a while since the student cook books came out, I like my food, and food has to be good even if it is cooking on the cheap.
Mushroom Risotto delicious and you don’t need to be a skint student to enjoy it. Who needs Ossobuco, I can dream of being in Milan.
Cost next to nothing, as everything came from the store cupboard. Recipe calls for a glass of white wine: and there is a bottle of Lidol’s finest Italian Chardonnay, a good plonk lurking at the back of the cupboard, but what to do with the rest of the bottle?
It’s my day off, and if I sleep through day time TV, it could only be an improvement, I must need to catch up on the sleep 😉 nothing to do with the glass sitting on the table.

1 thought on “Eating Well

  1. Oooo love mushroom risotto, my favourite, Super wonderfuk stuff

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