Celebrity Endorsement and SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or optimization, is the most important issue of any website. It’s best done through endorsement and recommendation. I found some of these examples when horizon scanning.

Mind: Steven Fry, joins Mind, the announcement got over a million likes, on Facebook, and when it was announce, it was big news on twitter. http://www.mind.org.uk/news/5260_stephen_fry_announced_as_new_president_of_mind

Brandon Trust: Here is another good example of good celebrity endorsement. http://www.brandontrust.org/our-stories/the-jo-brand-story.aspx

While I note the use of celebrity endorsement and the effects it has on charity publicity, it is the Facebook Endorsement, twitter and other social media are proving engagement from the website viewers, it’s that which produces the SEO and gets the name out there.

Google +1, should not be forgotten as this is going to be a new big thing, so please plus one this page


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