Why you need smart phone optimisation:

Smartphone shipments eclipsed those of desktops and laptops this year for the first time. (Source:Mashable) Yet only 17% of UK businesses have mobile optimised websites. (Source:Google)

As our hardware continues to get smaller, and more powerful more and more of us opt for the smart phone. People aren’t just using these smart phones to make the odd phone call or text message – they’re using them to browse the Internet, go shopping, or even do the banking. It’s a fast growing market, and smart businesses are sitting up and taking notice.

That means web designers can afford to use nice big images and large Javascript libraries to enhance web sites, (As I did not not so long ago). With broadband, downloading these big files isn’t a problem – but when you’re on a mobile phone with limited speed and a restrictive monthly data allowance it is.

Mobile visitors have limited screen? Zooming in and out and scrolling in all directions is annoying, and if you’re making browsing your web site too much like hard work for your mobile visitors, then you can hardly expect them to engage with your company.

I looked at this issue for my blog some weeks ago, so if you are reading the desk top version – take a look at the mobile issue and you will see the difference.


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