Early Bird watching wildlife in Margate

This morning at 4.43am I was rudely awoken by what sounded like a group of drunks, kicking a can about. It went on for a while, yet missing was the swearing and obscenities that is common with the local late night revellers as they stagger up the road from the sea front bars.

Due to both good policing and the licencing restrictions on the sea front bars, the local problem of anti-social behaviour, has of late been much improved and I haven’t been woken like this for quite a while.

Looking out of the flat window to see what the commotion was about. I see seagulls, attacking a bag of recycling that has been left out for collection; I would not have thought it possible that they could make such a noise, or would be interested in fighting over tin cans, and cardboard. What a mess is left in the middle of the road. As the morning traffic starts, cars drive over plastic bottles, creating explosive type noise, one or two stop to see what they have hit, please can we serve this gang of seagulls an ASBO


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