Let the publish button get dusty

Considering the whole idea behind blogging is making posts, the best way to blog badly is to not do that. You can only get readers if they have something to read, so I’d have to say that letting the publish button get dusty, is the best way to avoid getting them.
My life seems to have been dull and depressing the last couple of months, my visions have been negative, writing to express those thoughts is one thing, publishing them is quite another, for I do not wish to offend anyone.
I had a great holiday earlier in the May, and had time to reflect, evaluate and decide a course of action: Overall moving from Symi, in Greece to Margate, UK, although I do miss the sunshine and the washing-line 😉

Yes, it was a good thing!

Anyone who blogs will know content is king, so you can expect more to read about: watch this space.

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