A New Year and Another chance for us to get it right.

I will do something to better the lives of others; Improve my personal fitness, go without a Car for six months, and walk; Continue with my personal development, focusing on face to face communication skills rather than the electronic.

I have made some very seriously changes to my commuting across Europe lifestyle, I moved back to Britain on a permanent basis. Based in Thanet, East Kent, some fifteen minutes away from my Mum, who’s calls for help were perhaps not so serious as they might have been, and certainly less frequent now that I don’t have a two hour sea journey and two connecting flights and the lovely train from Gatwick to get there.

Possibly she feels more secure now that her family is not so distant :- and certainly is calling less. A Bi product of this is I have saved a fortune without the monthly airfares.

January 2010, I accepted a job in the charity sector, caring and doing for others. There is still a lot more I can do, I need to work on my frustrations when I see disablement and confinement, and need find ways to make change.

With a hefty pay drop, my personal spending habits are different, with no idea of my lifestyle change. I certainly had quite a smile when a colleague asked “Did you win the lottery” after the purchase of a new ‘very little’ car. After selling everything including my transport rather than ship it back to Blighty, resolved to work on improvement of my personal fitness and assigned myself to at least six months of walking, just to see if I could do without a vehicle.

The purchase was something that had been well planned; I should buy a new car, before the winter set in. Ordered for the September number plate issue and I was impressed with myself that I didn’t crack and get one sooner and give myself a pat on the back for achieving well above than the ‘six months of walking’ target.

After downloading Eastender’s on the BBC i-player, in April I finally abandoned the ideal of life without T.V. and got myself a Television Licence and a flat screen. I doubt there are many homes in Thanet without a television and judging by the number of red letters from the licencing folk that get dumped by the flats multiple mail boxes, I wonder how many of its citizens actually have a licence?

Oh no, how could you watch Eastender’s I hear you say. Well my friends, having moved here from a close knit island community of 2600, not knowing many people, not having much spare cash for social events, it’s a poor replacement for the community life, which I miss so much!

As for the personal development, I continue with Thanet Speakers Club, have successful competed the Association of Public Speaking Clubs B5 assignment, and strive to improve and aim to have completed B10 assignment by the end of 2011 or sooner. I enjoy the preparation and research in my speeches; and I’m certainly entertained by the work of the others, and have made some new friends. The vocational Qualifications that were offered as part of my employment package have after a year yet to materialise!

That was last year,

2011, I will

  • Show more gratitude.
  • Back up my computer files more regularly.
  • Write more hand written letter to friends.

    See my resolutions are different, What are your resolutions for 2011.


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