Finding a name for the New Baby

Been reading about vehicle registration in the UK. I knew the number plates had a date identifier, just call me thick, I didn’t realise they came out bi-annually!
Nor did I realise that the first of these two letters is a mnemonic standing for the name of the broad area where the registration office is located. This is intended to make the registration more memorable than an arbitrary code. For example, A is used as the first character in all registrations issued by the three offices located in the vicinity of East Anglia.

So I figure out that my new car when I collect it, will have plates that start with a start with G, the Kent and Sussex issuing office based in Maidstone, otherwise known as the Garden of England. The age will be 60, and the rest is random. There is a good chance my new plate will start with ‘GO6O’

Not “GOGO”

I like that. It’s quite a fun name, for a little car that woun’t go very fast, and difficult to forget even for a dyslexic like me!

My old Honda bike, had the numbers and ΠΚΚ, which would translate into PKK and is a common abbreviation for The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan or پارتی کار که‌رانی کوردستان Parti Karkerani Kurdistan), not that anyone ever commented, surprising when you think about where I was living. But easy for me to recall, everytime I brought her a ferry ticket!


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