Work life Balance

At last I’m beginning to get the work life balance right. Work rota meant I had a few days off work, and it was good to meet up with friends in China Town.

This was a chance to catching up and enjoying some good tucker, Wong Kei’s on Wardour Street a personal favourite. Normally, I’m happy with the scoff and run, fast service at Formica tables, by the open kitchen, this place is an excellent refuel stop. We were lucky to get a VIP table on the first floor, which means we missed out at the chance to laugh at the truly rude service and had the luxury of a table cloth.

I shall never forget the chuckles on the occasion when, a loud American backpacker got thrown out for the audacity of asking for milk to go in his tea, it was one of those true belly laughing times I will never forget.

Walked off our dinner in the Garden to see a few of the Elephants, and that was before getting down to the true gossip at The Harp


2 thoughts on “Work life Balance

  1. I went to the Wong Kei every Saturday for a while during the 90s with the band, normally after a good few drinks in the Intrepid Fox.Needless to say we always gave as good as we got in there. I remember us being made to share with other people and having our order dictated to us. We weren't allowed to choose for ourselves. What we were having and how much the shared cost would be would be scribbled on the table cloth by the waiter.I liked it.

  2. Nothing much has changed, and anyone who goes loves it or hates it. I don't know the Intrepid Fox will look out for it, we normally go to the Harp, if you go try the great selection of Perry

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