Strikes in Greece – Now that’s a surprise (Not)

A couple of years ago I made my Mother laugh when I said “England is quite nice in the summer”.
I hadn’t actually spent a summer in the UK for quite a few years before that, work commitments, for years meant I hadn’t taken time off during the season, except for 24 hour flying visit for a family wedding.
Yes it’s true. England is quite nice in the summer. I’d forgotten all the good bits. Summer fetes, family beach trips, farm shows, Morris dancers and so much more. I’m enjoying it.
At the end of the month I’m going to the Aegean for a friend’s wedding.
So many people have questioned,

Tempted to stay? Not really!

This morning I booked my outbound ticket with Fiji Air, into Dalaman Turkey! It is no secret I’ve had it with bad service from Olympic Airways, Olympic Airlines, or Olympic Air whatever name they are trading under the service is still diabolical.
I’m happy to avoid Greek airports at all costs, and don’t miss that part of my past life one little bit.

The reason for a one way ticket, because the charter flights go down full at this time of year, they come back empty. It’s easy enough to pick up a seat. Online booking makes things much simpler than they were years ago. Even then, I’m the sort of traveller that more often than not just turns up at the airport and sort something out when I get there. Who knows if I will return from Bodrum, Izmir even Istanbul, it just depends where I end up…. I’ve checked the schedules there are several flights a day, just now I don’t know which airport I wish to return from yet.
Between Strike’s in Greece and the risk of Volcanic Ash I’m looking forward to seeing my friends. 🙂

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