What am I doing and when?

Due to the late rota publication we often don’t know our work obligations until three weeks before the event.

Whilst I fully understand that pleasing everyone when organising staffing rotas is near on impossible, I feel am flexible, being prepared to

  • Work almost every weekend
  • Do double shifts a couple of times a week
  • Sometimes work a double shift followed by a sleep in (in an uncomfortable bed, and a grotty room where the curtains don’t even meet)
  • Happy to take on extra hours when needed.

My request not to work on a Thursday late shift has been totally ignored, and I just find out that for May I’m scheduled to work two twenty four hour shifts on this day.

Annual leave for the dates 26th May through to the 31 May, has been ignored even though I have asked my senior for confirmation of this twice before booking flights, which by the way cost 25% of my monthly gross salary, it is important for me to go my friend’s wedding.
It normal to have a life outside of work?

All I ask is for two hours on a Thursday evening to attend a personal development club, and a bit more notice as to when I am working, so that I can make arrangements to see family and friends and do other things.

Am I asking too much?


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