Today there is less of me.

10pm on Easter Sunday I was at the QEQM (our local hospital, The Queen Elisabeth the Queen Mother) waiting to see the emergency dentist, who told me, I had a massive abscess and sent me away with antibiotics to see my own dentist in time. After no sleep and swallowing pain killers, every six hours I had a restless night, before starting a double shift at work
Since then I have phoned my NHS dentist and got no reply, dropped into the surgery in person to try and bring my existing appointment forward. I need to see the Dentist urgently and have the referral letter from the hospital. The available first appointment for a ten minute review was over two weeks away, and the first actual appointment to get anything done is more two months away which actually was my existing appointment, made weeks ago.
Election time, perhaps hour politicians would like to explain what’s going on with the NHS!Today is my day off, I’ll be sitting in the dental waiting room until I am seen!
10:50 am Im home again, with one less tooth following an extraction. I saw the tooth and the size of the growth on it. Yuck Yuck

1 thought on “Today there is less of me.

  1. Fortunately I've only (touch wood) had one abcess and that was a pretty small one which didn't require an extraction. I was seen very quickly by my dentist. It's the old NHS Post Code lottery again!

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