The Importance of Updating

Yesterday’s I was on an excellent manual handling course, information was bang on and up-to-date.

Gone are the days of the Bear Hugs, and Australian lift’s, things have changed and to protect my spine, I need too as well.

In my current position, I don’t lift people, of course in life we have all the normal daily chores of carrying heavy bags & boxes, loading the washing, etc, when we forget about our backs. I hate shopping, and use avoidance, getting the majority of it delivered once a month, thanks to Tesco online.

Having the shopping brought right into my flat, placed in the kitchen is worth every penny, I live on the ground floor! The delivery fee can be as little as £3, around the same as a return bus ticket, or about half an hour of time at the minimum wage. No pushing of trolleys with wonky wheels, no humping through checkouts with heavy boxes of washing powder, please note, I didn’t mention bottles of wine! 😉 Loading into a car, or standing at the bus stop etc.

I have a new justification, I’m protecting the health of my back

Updating is always good 😉

Often website owners and companies design richly detailed websites, only to be left wondering why they do not have better traffic. They can’t figure out why more people aren’t paying attention to their websites. Indeed this can be a bit of a perplexing puzzle, but the answer is really rather straightforward.Websites that are not updated with great regularity – simply don’t seem as important to search engines or readers.
The other major reason that it is important to update your website frequently is that a frequently updated website brings people back to visit again. They know your site is a place where they can receive information on a topic that interests them; they start to recognise your brand.
I ask myself, why is the company news, not also available on the website?

It takes no longer to upload a webpage than it does to send an email. What takes the time, is production of good content. Already you have done the hard bit!

Do you wish to be perceived at up-to-date and interesting, or out of date and boring?

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