In the money!

Opened my snail mail box this morning, to find yesterdays post. Unusually all of which was pleasant 🙂
A painting, and thank you letter from my niece Kirsty.
Two envelopes which contained cheques or vouchers that can be used instead of money.
A bank statement that didn’t look as bad as feared, and comfortably in credit!
I was giving up on the railways in respect of my complaint from the 22 of December 2009, after emails and form filling madness, finally a snail mail letter sent on the 20 January including the original travel tickets in request for compensation. Shocked the railway complaints procedure that has take over two months to complete, but also relived as I was beginning to think, rather unfairly, that it was beginning to go the way of my Drivers Licence and the DVLA, never received at the other end? Blame on the sender! Nothing more we can do, except charge you for a replacement. I was about to give up on this one.
Southeaster sent me £28 worth of travel vouchers in way of an apology. I can now delete, or perhaps archive the complaint file which was growing, by the week. As to the other disaster trips earlier in 2009, I put that down to learning experience, and now keep all receipts and old tickets esspecially if I have to go to Cambridge!
Thank you Southeastern railways your apology is accepted, twenty eight pounds is really nothing after spending nine hours on a train that mostly wasn’t moving. I shall be using the vouchers to cover some of the cost of my journey on your trains tomorrow. Shame I had to cancel my jolly in town today, but I really didn’t fancy the bus due to this weekend’s engineering works. Fingers crossed they it be finished ontime as I’ve a 6am start in the morning, and am will be on a tight and important schedule.
My first pay check in a while, a payslip and cheque, I go onto the automated pay system next month. I wonder how much longer old fashioned cheques will be around? I’m not quite sure how they get to the final figure, and need to look into that. But hey it is good to have some credits. :- ) for a change.


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