When I shedule events I sound like a dizzy bonde.

It is difficult to arrange even a simple thing like a dental appointment outside of work hours, when I could be working, yet, don’t know for sure!

Covering the hours of 7.30am till 10pm, 7 days a week. Working shifts, on a rota system, which I receive goodness knows when. I am yet to be informed, of work rota for April, only five weeks away.

This could be a reason for high staff sickness rates. Nobody should have to phone in sick to go to a Dentist, or take phone calls from staff, who do not know if they are working today! (Pleezzzzze)

Still it is better to phone than not turn up.

I’m more used to having diary engagements eight or nine months in advance. So I’m doing my best, not to let others down. I haven’t been in the job a month, and already I have had to send five or six, non committal postponements and apologies, for April in other areas of my life, and I’m talking 2010 ;-(

Rolling rota appears to be the obvious answer, so I ask myself:

Why hasn’t it been done?
Should I say something, or just sit it out, till after the probatory period?
What positive action can I take?

So here is my action plan:

  1. I will research on employment rotas systems, so that I have more idea what I’m talking about be prepared and ready for “When” I bring this subject up.
  2. It is not in my nature to just sit quiet, yet don’t wish to be the pain in arse new person, so for now, I will give benefit of the doubt, that it is because I am new, and they have to fit me in. (So I take the blame!)
  3. I will consider using this topic for a presentation at the Speakers Club, that way I get it off my chest, and at the same time rehearse what I have to say. Speaking from personal experience and knowledgeable on my chosen subject is always good. After my presentation I may well, receive advice, and information from the audience.

Any pointers, recommended reading, gratefully appreciated!


2 thoughts on “When I shedule events I sound like a dizzy bonde.

  1. Lisa take a look at http://www.on-schedule.org/video.aspxThis is both easy to use and is ideal for your purpose.Ismay

  2. Thanks IsmayAt £20 the software is worth every penny.If only I had responsibilty for Rotas!I like that staff can access it from mobile phones, ect. The wonder of technology.Lisa

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