Will they get away this time?

Back in December I had another bad train journey, not the first time in the past twelve months, as normally British trains are quite good. We Brits, love to moan about the trains or the weather. On this occasion it was a combiation of horses on the line, at Paddock Wood, and Snow on the underground!

It could have been worse, it might have followed connecting boat and flights, or being stuck in Athens airport for thrity-six hours. What is a nine hours to cross Kent and London the girl asks herself!

In the past I had stumbled with the travel complaints procedure; fell at one of the many hurdles that they put in the way to discourage you from claiming compensation. After contacting the necessary customer service department via email, filled in all the forms which eventually caught up with me through the snail mail, then, they wanted me to send the original ticket’s which of course, by this time, months later, I no longer had. Like I’m going to travel across europe with a file full of old travel tickets…

On this occasion, now more organised, having learnt from past experience. I tucked the ticket safely away. After going through the process, of sending details, receiving and filling in the necessary forms, I sent them the original ticket on 20th of January, for a journey that took place on the 22nd of December, since then have heared NOTHING.

Was it a mistake not to send it recorded delivery?

Will Southeastern will look for any way to avoid accepting responsibility? Perhaps like some of their trains they are just slow.

In June 2009 I had had enough, so moved home, time to stop the international travelling. The December experience, was enough, to take it one step further, and look for a job even closer to home. Soon these journeys will be a thing of the past. πŸ™‚

On a funny note:
When Olympic Airways last tried to charge me excess luggage, I handed the girl three recent receipts for delayed luggage, and said pleased deduct it from the compensation I’m awaiting from you πŸ˜‰ After talking to her boss, they didn’t charge me!

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