CRB Timeline – It takes far too long

I’ve just been on to the Criminal Records Bureau to see if I can gleam any idea of how long it is going to take. The girl on the phone, most helpful and gave me a tracking number so I can follow the case myself. “Normally about a month”, she said.
According to the CRB they received the application on the 27th January,2010 which makes me wonder if my new employer waited until they had received returned references before processing the application for Criminal Records Disclosure.

Can’t blame them, I would do the same, as it costs good money to process each applicant, and I tend to agree with many people’s view, it is just another way for the Government to make money. Not all employers are prepared to cover the cost, and make a job applicant pay. Now older, and wiser, I would not work for an employer who passes the cost on to the staff. I did that years ago, and from experience it tells you a lot about the employer, chances are they have a high staff turnover, my next question would be then WHY?

The cost in the time, is far greater than financial; it basically means I can’t start a new job until it is done, my skills are wasted. No wonder our economy is in a mess, at least I’m lucky enough to be able to afford a couple of months out of work. Thank goodness for savings.
Now that I can access the CRB tracking online I can see they have checked the Police National Computer and the ISA Children and Adults list – So all that is left to do is the Enhanced Disclosure which is in process…. …. twiddle my fingers… for another few weeks.

As much as I’m enjoying some time off, the moral of the story –

Don’t quit your job, until you know you are about to start the next one.


2 thoughts on “CRB Timeline – It takes far too long

  1. ive been waiting since 15th march and still on stage 4. Like you said waste of skills and its financially crippling me, 3 months now.

  2. Promises of training that didn't materialise – amongst other things means I'm in the market for something new..I should be up and running by Christmas.

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