Hungry for Something

It was a smart move putting a casserole in the oven, just before I went for a mid morning swim, the smell when I returned home was just fabulous, my appetite ravenous. I’ve been indulging in one of my great passions, good food.

This afternoon I’ve been creatively cooking up a feast fit for kings, Stuffed Peppers, Lasagne, Lancashire Hotpot, Tiramisu, are just today’s offerings that have gone into the portion for one, plastic pots which are now chilling on the work surface.

Soon they will be vying for space amongst the Old Delhi Curry, Tarka Dahl, Leek and Lemon Soup, and Cassoulet jumbled into the freezer. Perhaps I should sort the draws not by sweet, savoury, breads cakes ect, but label the draws, French, Greek, Italian, Indian.

When I get home, after a busy day’s work, or play, I’ll only be eating Kelloggs Corn Flakes at ten in the evening because I fancy them! Not because I’m too knackered to cook.

Tiramisu is guaranteed to get used up first!

2 thoughts on “Hungry for Something

  1. The problem I have is that I make big portions wih the aim of freezing them for later but end up eating it all for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc with none left to freeze!

  2. Laugh, suprise suprise the tiramisu,didn't last long

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