Will I be Speaking Tonight?

The Thanet Speakers are visiting the Toastmasters Association, tonight. I’m not sure if I will be called upon to speak, so it might be better to be prepared with something just in case. The great rule is 60% of it, is in the presentation, and 40% is content, so guess it doesn’t matter what I speak about so long as I present myself well. – So time to plan and make some Key Notes and outline for my show:
Thank and Introduce myself.
Introduce my subject,

Language and love, three little words, that made all the difference

Create the picture,
Tell them about
1. The use of language,
2. Learning a new language
3. Appropriate language for the occasion and learning when to play with the lauguage
Close with a well known yet catchy remark

“Mind the Gap”

Oh well that’s me done, prepared for my speech tonight.

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