Getting Personal with Branding

One of my ex clients had just phoned, she had learnt, I had left the agency I was working through. 😉 I have to admit a little personal satisfaction, as it is always nice to be asked for by name. While I would never poach, an agencies clients, it’s unethical, I’ve now had two direct approaches that sadly I am unable to for fill.

After a recent interview with a competitor, am awaiting the Criminal Records Bureau to confirm that I have no record before starting work. With time on my hands it’s time to take a look into Personal Branding.

Problem: competition
Goal: standing out
Solution: personal branding (you can replace this with self-marketing if that makes you feel more comfortable)

Obviously the fact that I have had four job offers this week means I am doing something right, or I’m underselling myself?

Here are some questions for those who disagree with personal branding

  1. Do you know how you’re being perceived by the people that surround your life?
  2. Have you ever been called something over and over again but dismissed it?
  3. Has any kind of visibility, online or offline, generated leads, love interest or opportunities for you?

Dan Schawbel writes a wonderful article: How to discover and create your brand


1 thought on “Getting Personal with Branding

  1. I used to be very self-concious when I was young and totally lacked confidence in myself. Friends might find this difficult to believe! Life got so much better when I realised I should just be myself and if anyone didn't like that then it was their problem!

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