Protecting Privacy on Facebook

Earlier in the month I thought about the use of Social Media in job hunting, and what I would or wouldn’t want a future employer to access about me on the internet. Now I have taken some simple measures to protect my privacy on Facebook. This is what I did:

I started by organising friends into groups, the normal example would be “Friends”, “Family”, and “Professional”, My groups were made up of Friends, University or Other training groups, Symi Island Chums and a Child friendly group too, for each I have different privacy settings, more setting the privacy levels, as I don’t wish to scare you with too much information. Of course some of the professionals are personal friends as well; it is possible to add your friends to more than one group.

  1. Create a new list
  2. Tick the friends you wish to add to the list
  3. Save

Remove myself From Facebook Search Results (Facebook made some privacy changes in 2007) unless someone is in your network they will only see basic information) You can still make that less if for some reason you wish not to be found? This should always be done for a child’s account.

  • Under “Search Visibility” select “Only Friends” (Remember, doing so will remove you from Facebook search results, so make sure you want to be removed totally. Otherwise, you can select another group, such as “My Networks and Friends” which I believe is the default.)
  • Save Changes

Avoid the Infamous Photo/Video Tag Mistake

  • You could get fired after incriminating photos/videos are posted for the boss to see. Randomly tagged photos/videos can really upset relationships. But then if you don’t want your spouse to know something chances are you shouldn’t be doing it. Prevent the infamous tagged photo or video from showing up in all of your friends news feeds.Visit your profile privacy page
  • Modify the setting next to “Photos Tagged of You”

Lets stop here for now, as few steps at a time are easier to follow – but more honestly I have other things to do. Come back soon, and I’ll add some more.


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