Death of Distance.

The only the way the snow has as affected me personally, is that a couple of job interviews have been postponed, due to the weather. Many employees can’t get to work, through no fault of their own, because the travel is impossible, or the schools are closed. I found this a bit annoying because I managed to get there. Fair enough I don’t have to worry about Child Care issues with the schools being closed and I did set off hours early.

I still get things done. Work from home. I don’t see the problem and am happy to be interviewed online, in many ways it makes more sense, especially where there may be a second interview, or a job requires I.T. or communication skills, and what job doesn’t. Yes I would get my hair and makeup done and put the interview suit on to sit in front of the web cam.

Many believe they are entitled to be paid as usual, when they don’t turn up for work in these circumstances – you might well be unhappy when they find otherwise.

In Cambridge many years ago, I brought the book,

The Death of Distance 2.0: How the Communications Revolution Will Change Our Lives. by Frances Cairncross

About Cutting edge technology at the time. Years later, I quoted my copy, in academic work, and still think it is a good read, -just a little outdated. Truly saddened, after lending it to someone, on a small Greek island and not get it back! -I love university towns, so many opertunities to hunt around in the second hand book shops. If you were snuggled up under the duvet yesterday then please read it.


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