Utilising Social Media while Job Hunting

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to change my job, which is a bit daunting after years of working through the same agency. Over the holiday period, I haven’t been totally idle, and have been pursuing a few lines of interest, surprising a few reply’s and even a couple of interviews are written into my diary. There have been a lot of automated out of office reply’s, and now I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from those who haven’t quite got the hang of the technology in the next few days.
I have used some of the holiday time to update my C.V. and read what the experts say about online branding.
Dan Rutherford, Social networking expert says:
“Employers are increasingly looking for recruits with who have a strong online brand”
Matthew Garratt, HR Manager for figleaves.com said:
“At figleaves.com social network sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have become absolutely critical in finding new hires. Not only do they give us access to people who we might not find elsewhere, but they are also an excellent way to understand more about the candidate beyond just their CV. Certainly for figleaves.com, job seekers who have a strong online presence do stand out from the crowd, and we would encourage more people to invest in their online ‘brand’.”
Harvey Nash offers the following tips on how job searchers can use their online profile to attract employers:
– If you decide to use Facebook for professional networking, take a close look at your profile and decide what you want business contacts or prospective employers to see – and what you don’t!

– Sign-up to Linked-In if you haven’t already
– Track potential employers and recruitment consultancies on Twitter
– Don’t leave a blank or incomplete profile. A full profile gives people the best opportunity to get to know you.
– Post content relevant to your job search but limit the photos you post.
– Network strategically – connect to people who can help with your job search.
– Think about joining interest groups which fit your field of interest.
– Finally, don’t limit activity to online social networks. It’s useful to speak to recruitment agencies with expertise in your local labour market. You can also view Britain’s largest database of job vacancies at http://www.direct.gov.uk/backtowork to see who’s recruiting in your area.

That takes care of my Sunday afternoon then. It is time for me to sign up to Linked-in and take a look at my Facebook profile, Twitter and Blog accounts and give them the serious once over.

Constructive remarks, are always welcome. Please feel free to email me

Further Reading: Mashable


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