Start of a New Decade.

As the year and decade comes to a close, I look back and congratulate myself on all I have achieved. Things have not all been easy, and I think the biggest and most shocking event was the Hole in the Wall – which perhaps gave me the push I needed, to make the big move.

Home hunting, took a bit of time, especially as I was searching on both sides of Europe, keeping my options open until the last. If you have ever looked at online estate agents, you will know the choice is unlimited, even overwhelming. Strange that I ended up moving in the first place I looked at. Of course that might well have been in Greece, had I ever got hold of the keys to the place on the other side of the hill!

The biggest realisation is that everything can be replaced, even improved on. This realisation has affected every aspect of my life. After a huge shopping trip, I question why did I return to Britain with four large kit bags? I’m sure I could have reduced it further, call me sentimental there were just a few things I could not part with. Why I kept so many beach sarongs I do not know.

The summer was fun, with contract work, and some free time to catch up with my family and enjoy the beaches of Thanet. For those of you that know me from my Greek life, let me tell you the beaches here in Britian are just as good, and around here, in Thanet we have nine miles of golden sand. Ok the winter is a bit different, I miss the sun and getting my washing dry, sitting having a coffee in the courtyard.

I’m still enjoying the luxuries of civilised life, running hot water, and central heating, but best of all is the heated towel rail. I’m not sure I will ever appreciate the tumble drier. I miss island community life, and have done my best to make friends here.

I got caught in snow chaos on the British railways both in February and in December, after more than nine years of the naughties commuting across Europe, major journeys and serious delays, lots of lost luggage thanks to Olympic airways, and goodness knows how many cancelled ferries and broken down hydrofoils it falls into insignificance. News of suicide bombers and increased security at airports leaves me with feelings of empathy for those who travel for a living. I do not miss the travelling at all.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year

So my plans and resolutions for the New Year, a new job and to be more part of the local community, and to keep up the good start that I have made at the gym oh and to curb the love of crisps.


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