Creative Art

The only problem with making my own Christmas cards is the time it takes. Still I have start and have at least come up with a theme (Matthew 1:20-25) for this year’s model and started collecting materials to make the cards with. This afternoon I took a quick look around the craft shop. I’m horrified by the prices of ready to stick on bits of card, for goodness sake.


When stuck on a tiny island with NO shops bursting with glittery stuff, and selection of readymade cards limited, I was always quite creative in finding something or other to make the Christmas cards with. Always a concern was post leaving the island, (or not), and normally I would get on with the task as soon as the Panormitis festival was over which due to work commitments over December, is a habit I’m happy to continue with.

Returned home, raided the cupboards, and draws, for Sparkly stuff, card, string ect., not easy when I have not long moved in. The draws are still tidy and don’t have bits and bobs to rummage through. Still the creative me, made a small start. 🙂

Here in the UK we already have started to see jolly faced red men in big red coats singing ho ho ho.. or Jingle Bells. The shops are bursting with party stuff, with everything from roasting tins, and foil, to brightly coloured wrapping paper and decorations everywhere you look. The cafe at ASDA is already selling Christmas Dinner for a few quid, hum … dread to think what it tastes like. I’m not having any mince pies till at least the 1st December.

It’s all so very different from Christmas on Symi, where a few lights which appear mid- December.


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