Lazy Days

Guy Fawkes and fireworks is something about the British culture that I enjoy, yet I really couldn’t be bothered to go out into the cold to watch the display.
For the first time I have spent twenty four hours without leaving the door. Had my windows been facing the other direction I would have been able to watch from the comfort of indoors, I’m next door to Dreamland where I understand the town council were holding the local display so this is nothing more than lazy.

I was as happy to stay home, snuggled up onto the sofa.
Years of Greek uncomfortable furniture, it still feels a true luxury to have a sofa!

Here is a message for my Swedish friend Catharina Soderhielm, who saw my excitement over an IKEA sofa at The Sweediko Bakery in Rhodes.

See here is my sofa, just the same, (-: and
Absolutely LOVE IT.

Lazy Days continued….

Expect she is still there some how

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