Sunday Moringing, Bathrooms and Heating

Today I had a lie-in, snuggled up in bed cosy and warm. The temperature here has dropped suddenly and this morning to a cool eight degrees, the central heating kicked in automatically to warm the flat – oh what a luxury.

I’m still marvelling at the wonder of heated towel rails – to those of you who have only ever visited Greece in the summer it may sound strange when I tell you that was the one thing I used to miss was a heated towel rail. Yes it is true, on islands where the houses are stone, and without central heating, damp towels hang around until the sun comes out. Fortunately rarely more than a couple of days, but still an annoying inconvenience when you have been drying the laundry in a matter of minutes in the great outdoors through the long summer months. Actually it’s not just the towel rail, the whole power shower, and comfortable and warm bathroom with hot running water is just heaven.

Here I don’t have a terrace to sit out in the sun; fortunately I’m still a stone’s throw away from the local beach, it’s too cold for swimming, but still good for a breath of fresh air, and the jet ski club-house isn’t far away, for sitting with a drink and watching the local ‘plonkers’. Making the most of the council tax, I’ve started to use all the facilities, local library complete with free very fast internet access amongst its many of Thanet council’s services. I have joined (full membership!) the local sports club, and have been using the gym and pool regularly. To be honest I’m not missing the stone steps of Symi, even if they did keep me fit. So far I have explored three of the local parks, there are so many within walking distance that I’m spoilt for choice.

With the company of Jean, who came to stay for a few days, we walked the coastal path to Broadstairs (about two hours and side stepping to explore things on route) Westwood Cross, the local and excellent shopping centre, twenty min’s via country lane, back route and Ramsgate yacht harbour, ferry terminal as well as the seafront and town and market place, we didn’t keep track of the time, which was a good thing as we got a bit lost entering the town.

All in all I’m enjoying it here. The sun is shining after last night’s rain, so it’s time to get my act together, get out of this fluffy dressing gown and go for a walk through the park to join my friends at the gym.


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