Planet Thanet

My commute to work has never been normal, in recent years I have been travelling by boat plane and train from farthest possible point in South Eastern Europe to wherever the agency send me in the UK.

Jobs have been as far apart as Inverness to Hampshire so as you can see distance to this girl, has been no object. I’m no stranger to flight delays, cancelled ships or the delights of snow on the lines of the British railways.

Nursing agency asked me, a while ago to do a job here in Birchington, I jumped at it as my Mum lives just down the road in Minster. Strange how coincidences go, since then the client has asked for me back several times blindly unaware that I have moved back to the UK, and am now living just along the coast. Never before has travelling to work been so easy, and it all is purely by coincidence.

Journey time 30 minute slow jog across the fields – or 10 min’s on the bus..


1 thought on “Planet Thanet

  1. Sounds ideal, Lisa. I once had to do 8 weeks in our Manchester office which involved the M61 – the Lancashire equivalent of the M25 car park. Horrendous!

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