Resting My Aching Body

All afternoon, I drift between reading my book, and watching the ships, quite a few pass through the estuary.

A glorious three master-tall ship, the normal cargo vessels and even a visit from the life boat, which I assume was patrolling the beach, while waiting for a higher tide to get back up the launch area?

Sun warm on my skin, I basked in oil, which made the golden sand, stick to the skin – rubbing it off was good exfoliation! Before taking a dip in the chilly water. Well you can’t have everything can you.

The collapsing bathroom plaster in Greece gave a different meaning to the term bathroom exfoliation, each time I took a shower it was covered in cement and brick dust. Home now showered and smelling of coconut shower gel, I don’t miss anything about Greek life except my friends.

I’ve been to the gym three times in past five days, and the two weeks prior to that the job I was doing was both physical and demanding, being away from home didn’t stop me getting out and going for a run. Today a day off from it all, but I can certainly feel and see the difference already.

Not quite every muscle, in my body aching, but it feels like it. Returning to work with Peter, down on the farm, should be some good running around the cabbage patch there!

I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, so I’ve got an early session in the Gym with Jamie (personal trainer)before setting off to work in the morning ;-(

He certainly knows how to push me to the limits!


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